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Visitor Visa for Medical Treatment Purpose

  • Publication Date︰2021-09-30
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Source: Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
This information is for reference only.

Directions for the Management of Medical Institutions Handling Applications by Foreign Nationals for Medical Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic can be found HERE.

Requirements Description
Completed & signed application form Please access the website: to fill out application form online and print it out.
Two passport-size photos in color within 6 months Photos with a white color background
Passport (original & photocopy) Valid for 6 months with blank pages
Evidence of documents diagnosis, proposal of treatment from Taiwan Medical institutions, letter for visa application
Evidence of funds Bank statement or payment plan consented by Taiwan Medical institutions
Return Ticket Ticket, electronic ticket or proof of a travel agency
Other additional documents may be required during processing  


  1. Applicants can lodge their applications with the necessary documents and statutory fee at our overseas missions.
  2. Interview may be required when necessary.


  1. Visas are issued as stipulated by Article 12 of the Statute Governing Issuance of ROC Visas for Foreign Passports. As a sovereign nation, the ROC has the right to refuse applications for visas without providing any explanation for such decisions; visa application fee is not refundable.
  2. Please refer to "Standard Fees for Republic of China (Taiwan) Visas in Foreign Passports (pdf file)."
  3. Application for visa for urgent medical treatment can be initiated by Taiwan Medical institutions to Bureau of Consular Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  4. Accompanying family dependents should be applicant's supouse or relatives within third degree of relationship; not more than 2 people. Additional accompanying medical personnels from country of residence (2 people at most) are also allowed, if necessary. Relation certificate or medical staff certificate of accompanying people above should be provided.